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Valium generic diazepam 10mg x 200 by Psicofarma lab , USA to USA

Valium generic diazepam 10mg x 200 by Psicofarma lab , USA to USA
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Product Information

Diazepam Valium contains diazepam as the active ingredient, which belongs to the group of medicines called benzodiazepines.


Diazepam has tranquilizing, sedative, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant effects.


Doctors prescribe Diazepam, Valium to people who present symptoms of anxiety, agitation and psychological tension produced by psychoneurotic states and temporary situational disorders. Benzodiazepines are only indicated for the treatment of an intense disorder that limits your activity or subjects you to a significant stress situation.


It may also be useful for relieving symptoms of acute agitation, tremor, and hallucinations in patients with alcohol withdrawal syndrome.


Diazepam Psicofarma contributes to the relief of muscle pain caused by spasms or inflammation of muscles or joints, trauma, etc. It can also be used to combat spasms caused by diseases such as cerebral palsy (a group of disorders that affects a person's ability to move, maintain balance and posture) and paraplegia (paralysis of the lower half of the body, affecting both legs. ), as well as in athetosis (continuous, involuntary, slow and extravagant movements of fingers and hands) and in generalized rigidity syndrome.


Diazepam Psicofarma can be used as an adjuvant treatment (treatment given after the main treatment to increase the chance of a cure) of seizure disorders (such as epilepsy, seizures), but has not been proven useful as a sole treatment. In these cases, your doctor will periodically evaluate the usefulness of the medication for your case.

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