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Pillsforall.com is the 1st online pharmacy selling brand and generic medicines. We guarantees you high conversion with high average of sells amount

Why Pillsforall.com Affiliates Program?

Pillsforall.com pays (min) 25% direct commission that can be convert it in a 30 % is you sell more than 4000 usd per week and 35 % if you sell more than 8000 usd per week. We pay by bank transfer and wire transfer . Our average sells amount is over +200u$s.

The customer you refer is "yours" for life.

We pay lifetime commissions pays you every time the customer make an order, not just for the first purchase.

2-tier program Earn from your Sub-Affiliates!

By referring other sub-affiliates to Pillsforall Affiliates Program, you can earn a share of their profits. A Sub-Affiliates is a 3rd party you contacted and linked to the site and generated traffic via your dedicated links. Pillsforall Affiliates Program offer a 2-tier program, where affiliates will take pleasure in gaining additional income by letting other sub-affiliates work for you.

We incentive all customer to make reorders

All our customers benefit from a 10% re-order discount.

High Conversion Marketing Tools

Our professional affiliate team design perfect marketing tools. They will create any specific landing pages, templates banners, etc. Any tools you need

Weekly Payment

We offer a weekly payment every Monday. Payments are currently made via direct wire transfer. The minimun amount to wire is only 500 usd. Affiliate Seeking